To ensure our team is gaining a positive experience from the projects we help manage, we firmly believe in leading a quality, well-balanced lifestyle in order to effectively lead the community outreach division. We aspire to promote excellence in our performance for the development of the community and for the success of our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

"We celebrate and welcome you as you are."

At Ota Ade Oni there are no closed barriers. We embrace diversity by creating opportunities for all. Our employees also represent the company’s commitment to equality and inclusiveness which opens the door to different ideas and helps meet the needs of our clientele. It is important for us to continue supporting the development of our community by creating a safe workplace for all to feel welcome.


Elizabeth Santamaria is the Founder and President of Ota Ade Oni with 15 years of experience in the Construction Management Industry. Her contribution to the business of infrastructure demonstrates the firm's mission to build strong relationships with clients and the community. Ms. Santamaria's skills in business management, and her dedication to developing others, make a great asset to the community outreach process of this industry.