Our dependable Community Construction Liaisons (CCL) are trained in delivering quality solutions to complex situations in the Construction Management Industry. Open communication between the community and the liaison is essential for the success of every project. In this role, the Community Construction Liaison will make it their responsibility to maintain good communication relations and advise the community of any upcoming inconveniences in the project. Ota Ade Oni’s Community Construction Liaison services are in compliance with related agency requirements such as minimizing the impact of construction activities on the community, conducting fieldwork related to public safety and awareness, and reporting concerns or complaints of the community to the project team.


During the pre-construction phase, a CCL is responsible for working closely with the project team in order to determine the needs of the community. A liaison’s primary duty is to act as a key person-of-contact between the community, the agency, and the construction management team. Before the project begins, The CCL will walk through the project area while noting any local businesses, public institutions, or local residents that are close to the construction work site.

  • Proactively addressing concerns and complaints. All issues or special requests are reported to the city agency and the project team.
  • The CCL will collaborate with the city agency and the project management team to help minimize the impact of the project on the local community.
  • Conducting homeowners, schools, and businesses/merchants surveys to identify local resident needs and conditions.
  • Keeping all parties informed on updates and advisories related to the construction project.
  • Walking through the construction site and conducting field work related to public safety and awareness.
  • The CCL will keep a record of notes from community board meetings and present reports or presentations related to the status of the project.
  • Responsible for distributing newsletters, community update notices, water service interruption notices, and daily or weekly bulletin alerts to keep the residents and local businesses up-to-date on any changes taking place during the construction project.
  • The CCL will develop a calendar of important community events to coordinate between the community and the construction project.

Overall, the Community Construction Liaison will make it their responsibility to forge and maintain a positive relationship within the community affected by the project. Collaboration and open communication will help address concerns and resolve them in a timely manner to minimize any impact presented by the construction project.